Walking Away

Walking Away is an illustrative portrait of a female figure moving gently towards the viewer in an abstract landscape. Southwood’s subtle and flat use of colour lends itself to the medium of mosaic and gives the work an ‘easy to view’ stylized appeal. The content relates to Southwood’s larger practice in which she explores clouded emotions and liquid states of being. This figure defies gravity with a doll-like elegance. She seems to be both leaving and arriving in a space where time lost its established value.

The work was created in a contemporary mosaic style with Venetian glass, ceramic elements, engineered, semiprecious and natural stone; in the direct method.

Artist Biography

Doreen Southwood graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 1998 from the University of Stellenbosch where she earned the Top fine Art Student Award for that year. She went on to study her master’s degree in Fine Art at the same institution. Southwood obtained an award in the Kempton Park Tembisa Competition in 1999 and was the overall prizewinner in the inaugural Brett Kebble Art awards in 2003.  Southwood has participated in numerous exhibitions in South Africa and is also an established fashion designer. She opened the fashion boutique Mememe in Cape Town and has seen this venture grow to include a new store in Johannesburg.



Artist: Doreen Southwood

Date: 2012

Size: 1.3 x 1.7m


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