Spier believes that the visual arts can provide new insights and challenge us to take a fresh look at our world and environment. Because of this, it is a powerful tool for transformation that they share with both guests and staff on the estate, and art enthusiasts all over the world.

Spier, as a brand, reflects the values and interests of the Enthoven family. Passionate about the arts, Spier supports and displays work, not only on the estate in Stellenbosch, but also in its family homes. On the Estate, in the Conference Centre, Hotel and Manor House, art pieces are exhibited that have been acquired from artist studios, galleries and by commission from Spier Architectural Arts, the Qubeka Bead Studio - previously the Qalo   - and the Single Artist Patronage Programme. The sourcing of artworks from these activities is managed by the Yellowwoods Art  Yellowwoods Art, retained to curate the South African contemporary collections for Spier, the Enthovens, Nando’s, Hollard and Etana.

The Single Artist Patronage Programme is designed to give intensive support over an extended period (generally a period of four to five years) to artists Spier judges to be exceptional and who we believe could greatly benefit from the creative freedom that the programme provides. To date, three artists have been selected. The first artist to participate, Wim Botha, was able to use the programme to create the sculpture Mieliepap Pieta, which still enjoys exposure at international museums six years after it was created. The second artist, Paul Emmanuel, has used the programme to produce Transitions, which premiered at the Apartheid Museum and has travelled to five other museums in the country before it came to Spier, as mentioned above. The third artist, who we are presently engaged with, is Berco Wilsenach. His first body of work produced under this scheme was exhibited at the Pretoria Art Museum and now forms part of the Spier Contemporary Collection.

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